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In the fall of 2016, we began to hear God speak quite clearly about HoPE coming into a new depth of spiritual maturity. Our leadership team began to sense Jesus speaking about creating space for more diverse expressions of prayer and worship, as well as engaging again with God’s heart for literal night and day prayer. We also had some outside prophetic confirmations that this season was coming soon. 
It has been an exciting time as our staff team sought to discover some details of how we believe God is leading HoPE and I am thrilled to be able to share with you some of the new expressions and changes that are part of this new season of maturity. Beginning in 2017, HoPE is planning to transform our current office space into a new, additional smaller prayer room

where we will cover the capital region in more extended hours of prayer, through a series of smaller, 1 hour prayer gatherings. This will result in the HoPE prayer room expanding from 15 hours per week to 45 hours weekly! We will still have our regular times of corporate ‘intercessory worship’ every weekday morning and Friday nights, but with this new format, there will be people gathering to pray from 9am - 4pm most weekday and also on Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights. We will also once again begin to host a 24-hour prayer and worship gathering on a monthly basis. Mounting Cross
This will enable a greater number of people to become involved as well as provide more opportunities for people to serve and lead in the HoPE prayer room. It will also facilitate and encourage more diverse expressions of prayer and worship, as we continue to exalt Jesus and pray for His Kingdom to be established in the capital region.
We plan to begin to implement these new expressions in the coming months, and hope to have a public launch in March 2017.
We have had a number of incredible confirmations from the Lord about this new season and I am filled with hope and excitement about it, and I look forward to you being part of all that God will do in 2017!

Jim Hall