There is a bible passage that says, “one may be overpowered by another, two can withstand him. And a threefold cord is not quickly broken” (Ecclesiastes 4:12). A lot could be said about that but it’s true with the church in Edmonton. One church by itself is easily overwhelmed, two working together can do a little bit more and when a number of churches work together… well, a whole lot more can get done. Unfortunately, we aren’t yet seeing it on a large scale in our city. Expressions of prayer and worship together at the Edmonton BURN
At House of Prayer Edmonton (HoPE), we have a vision of being a catalyst to see churches working in unity. In this past year, we had the opportunity to work with a number of churches to see a covering of prayer and worship arise over our city and province. In June we held an Assembly—26 hours of prayer for Alberta—with 11 churches leading prayer blocks, and in October we again hosted the Edmonton Burn with 25 different churches leading worship sets. 
The Assembly ended up being right at a critical time for Alberta as it was only weeks after the Fort McMurray fire. With each participating church leading one prayer block, it wasn’t a large burden for any one church but working together we prayed for a continuous 26 hours for our province just when we needed it. 
In October, we again partnered with Resurgence Ministries and held the Edmonton Burn. The vision for the Burn is not so much intercession but rather to offer up a sacrifice of worship to Jesus. Any one church could only sustain a few hours on their own, but in working together with 23 worship leaders from across the region we were able to host 50 hours of non-stop worship. 
God has placed HoPE in a unique position to be a catalyst for unity in the larger body of Christ in the Edmonton region. With God’s grace and your help we will continue to work with churches from around the city to see a canopy of prayer arise over our region. One day we believe it won’t only be a special event like an Assembly or a Burn but an everyday occurrence of churches working together until prayer arises 24/7/365 from our city. Together we can.